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Claremont Bail Bonds

Claremont Bail Bonds is a sympathetic and professional bail bonds firm that hires highly accomplished team members. We’re extremely mindful of the effect that having a loved one or friend in custody can have on your family, business, and personal life. It could be an extremely shocking situation for any person related. During this time, you’ll need a reputable expert who will steer your family around court processes and will coordinate your loved one or friend’s release from jail.

Finding yourself or a loved one involved in this dilemma is a process you’ll never be truly prepared for, and will subsequently not be completely sure about the steps to take after an arrest. Some of the bail procedure may turn out to be really expensive, and can therefore place a huge burden on your finances. Claremont Bail Bonds is the one company capable of serving families during this period, and we offer our services on a 24-hour,  seven-day time frame. We’re your family’s local bail bonds company.

Information You Will Need

Bail Bonds for DWISo that Claremont Bail Bonds can assist you properly, there are a couple of details you will want to have on hand when you call: the legal identity of the arrested person and the location where the charge took place. This data allows our company to fine the cause of why the arrested has been detained and information on the amount of bail.

You will also need to fill out the bail bond legal papers at this time. The bail bond agent will then pay the bond once the paperwork is complete. It will not be long after this that the arrested person will be released from jail. They will still be expected to appear at obligatory court date scheduled for their case. 

Why Choose Claremont Bail Bonds?

The positive feedback we receive from our clients proves just how hard we strive to provide a premium service. Many clients are surprised to receive such valuable support and professionalism from a bail bond organization.  Our goal is to give our customers every possible assistance and to help make their challenging situation a little easier to deal with.

Every one of our agents is fully licensed, trained, and completely professional. Every client is accommodated according to their individual circumstances, and we always extend and exhibit the highest possible level of customer service, expertise, and professionalism.

We do understand the predicament you are in and the stress you are experiencing, so we are very pleased you have found us! We are anything but a typical bond agency. We strive to do everything in our power to help you get through this difficult time. Even though you may be wondering how you will get through this, you will, and our aim is to help you do just that.

If you are worrying about having the finances or collateral for your bond, there is no need to worry when you choose Claremont Bail Bonds. The majority of our bonds are approved with no collateral, meaning we can help you regardless of your financial situation. The first step is to pick up the phone and call us.

Claremont Bail Bonds has developed a wonderful reputation of excellence in the state of California. We have grown into one of the most trusted and respected bail bond companies in the entire state.

bail bonds agentClaremont Bail Bonds is aware that time is of the essence with an arrest, and for that very reason, we operate on a 24-hour basis. Regardless of when you need us, we will be available to help you. We can even come directly to you if necessary. You will always deal with a fully licensed, professional bail agent as well as our experienced and highly trained office staff and team. No bail is too big or too small for us.

Not only do we provide bail bonds, but we also educate and assist clients through the entire legal process, from assistance with the bail review hearing to legal services from premium attorneys in the area and throughout the state of California.

Due to our knowledge, experience, and valuable resources, we deliver unequaled services and achieve the very best results for our clients.



About Us

Claremont Bail Bonds is a fully licensed bail bond corporation with professional agents throughout the Southern California area. We have always prided ourselves on our integrity and professionalism. Our clients are always our top priority, and delivering a complete and successful customer service is our main goal.

There are many bail bond companies to choose from these days, so we not only appreciate you selecting us, we look forward to the opportunity to demonstrate why we are the premium bail bond company in Southern California.


Claremont is a beautiful and proud college town located in the greater Los Angeles County area of Southern California. It is located at the base of the San Gabriel Mountains, about 30 miles east of downtown Los Angeles. In 2010, Claremont had a population of 35,114 residents.

Decorated by tree lined streets, Claremont is known for its seven higher education institutions and many historic buildings. Due to the large amount of trees and all the residents with doctorates, Claremont is also sometimes called “The City of Trees and PhD’s.”

The city is primarily residential, with commercial activity revolving around The Village, a popular collection of small street-front stores, boutiques, art galleries, offices, and restaurants adjacent to Claremont Colleges.

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